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"Photography is the beauty of life captured."


Starting in 2013, Chloe Elizabeth Photography became my passion.  I had picked up a camera in high school thanks to my ever supportive parents, and since then I've never put it down.  I became addicted to catching little moments in people's lives, and giving them a physical memory to hold on to for the future.  For me, a big part of this is also making it affordable.  I believe everyone should have the opportunity to have those memories captured.

For more specifically about me, I'm a 25 year old photographer who has been operating my business for six years.  I graduated from Carleton University in 2018, with a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, and am currently working full time in marketing in Toronto, while living in Durham with my fiance!  Some other fun facts about me:

  • I have a black belt in Karate after training for 12 years

  • I know how to knit, however I can only create things in rectangles or squares

  • I'm a huge Marvel and DC fan, and I've seen every Marvel movie multiple times

  • I've had the opportunity to photograph current political party leaders as well as former Prime Ministers in my years at Carleton

  • I have an addiction to Guy Fieri shows - Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy's Grocery Games....I can watch those on repeat!

I've been amazingly lucky to be working with some amazing clients and capturing gorgeous photos, which you can find in the different areas of my portfolio.  


Have questions for me?

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